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Come to relax at the SPA KINGS COURT to replenish your energy.

Use this opportunity to get peace of mind and inner balance by means of relaxing massages or a royal therapy from our professional therapists. Every organism requires something extra for its regeneration. Our offer of services makes it possible to prepare an optimum combination of treatments to make you feel better.

Furthermore, SPA KINGS COURT features a cozy pool with a reverse stream, Jacuzzi, a spacious chill out area, steam room and sauna. 24/7 accessible fitness is not missing either.

Special entrance package for our hotel guest: Unlimited daily entrance + slippers + bathrobe: 10 EUR/person/day

Guests paying for Executive rooms and Suites do have unlimited entrance included in their room rate.

Any treatment over 75 minutes includes free access to all the Spa facilities.

Gift vouchers available

An ideal gift for Spa & Wellness enthusiasts or simply anyone who enjoys being pampered, gift certificates are available at SPA KINGS COURT reception. Information for any combination of treatments or packages can be obtained by contacting the Spa reception at +420 226 280 817 or per Our professionally qualified Spa team can offer lifestyle consultations and subsequently design bespoke physical spa and health programmes.


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TOP 5 favourite spa treatments & massages

  • Soul rain - couple massage

    90 minutes  

    Let us pamper you and your partner by our new aroma massage and express facial performed by our professional therapists. Depending on your mood, need and senses, you will choose your favourite aroma massage oil which is deeply massaged into your skin for the salutary eff ect. These scents aff ect not only the physical but also the mental sensitivity of your body. The best of silic can then be perfectly absorbed by your relaxed body. This calming treatment is completed by a deep cleaning and utmost hydration of your skin.

  • Tranquillity

    90 minutes

    This is a unique relaxation ritual as according to Aztec traditions. A combination of precious fragrance, fine textures, unique natural elements, and energy from human touch provides a unique deep relaxing experience. It provides long-term hydration and nourishment even for the most extreme cases of dry skin. A continuous sensation of serenity while making your skin luxurious and smooth. This massage is a beautiful and sensual way to eliminate stress and its impact on your body.

  • Exotic dream

    100 minutes

    This indulging treatment, that will stun you with exotic fragrance of fruit and coconut, will become the aroma for your soul and skin. First you will have a fine peeling with coconut milk and cane sugar to completely cleanse your skin. Then a relaxing massage of your body with extra virgin coconut oil will relieve your strained muscles and mind, followed by a warm wrap in coconut butter which greatly hydrates your skin thanks to a mixture of exotic nuts and which will also firm it up and even reduce small wrinkles due to the effects of soy proteins.

  • Sacred Nature Body Ritual

    75 minutes

    This is a relaxing and harmonising massage which improves blood circulation and nourishes and rejuvenates dry facial and body skin. By applying the butterfly technique the nourishing products are smoothly absorbed in the skin and the blood circulation improves. This unique experience is very different from all other massage techniques and it makes you feel pampered and harmonised for a long time after the treatment. The precious tropical oils and the extract from the Buddleja Davidii (butterfly bush) protect the skin cells from any damage.

  • Precious stone massage

    75 minutes

    Since time immemorial, precious stones have fascinated people with their rumoured healing powers. During a precious stone massage, energy pathways are stimulated and energy blockages removed, bringing body, mind and soul back into harmony. Depending on precisely which stones are selected, it will help to relieve muscle tension, enhance blood circulation and vitality. Discover the harmonizing healing powers of these stones!

SPA KINGS COURT Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday: 10:00-22:00

Contact us:

Phone number: +420 226 280 817


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